handmade gorgeous for you & your home…

discover some of India’s known & some obscure artisans,
their exquisite workmanship & charming stories.
artisans invest years of heart & hands in their craft, which makes
each piece of art so much more precious than what meets the eye.
every single piece of handmade precious, on aamori, has been
handpicked. it is curated for it’s sight, sound,
feel & potential to make you fall in love.

art for everyday…

be it the fabrics your drape, the jewelry you adorn, 
the home décor & accessories you choose, the gifts you give or the curios you treasure,
every product you find on aamori strikes a happy balance between function & design.
we like to think, that everyday you carry that piece of art, you carry with you,
the artist’s expression, his unique story & a little sparkle that it adds to your day.

aamori. live a little art.

you have our personal attention…

every product on aamori has been handpicked by us to ensure you receive
quality materials & craftsmanship.
it’s passed through quality control again, before it is packed, wrapped & shipped to you.
every package we ship to you is personally packed, wrapped & doodled on by us (you will see!).
do expect a few calls & emails from us. we will stay in touch to let you know

what’s up with your orders.
and you can call us anytime with any questions or concerns you have on your purchase.
email us on [email protected] or talk to us on +91 99300 94746. we love to chat.