Shipping & your order details

Your handmade gorgeous is passed through multiple quality control checks to make sure it’s at it’s most perfect, before we ship it out to you.
Most products are shipped within 3 working days of receiving orders, unless specifically mentioned otherwise. Incase of the custom made products, shipping times will vary & these are mentioned on the individual product pages. 
Your product should typically reach you, pan India, within 5 - 7 working days. Internationally, shipping takes a little longer, approximately 15 working days. In either case, we shall follow up deliveries with our shipping partners & inform you incase there is a possibility of any delay.
Every product you receive is handmade, so it carries some natural inconsistencies & variations that make it all the more unique & charming.
Every package we ship to you is personally packed, wrapped & doodled on by us (this is our favourite part).
We are obsessive packers, so please take a deep breath, grab a chair, some coffee or wine, when you unpack your delivery. It will take a while before you get through all the wrapping to reach your handmade gorgeous.
We work with trusted shipping partners & stay in touch with them to keep track of your deliveries. We also keep you updated on your order delivery status via sms or email. But you can always connect with us to get a more current status.
Do expect a few calls & emails from us – when you place your order, when we receive your monies, when we’re shipping your order, when it’s in transit & even after you’ve received it, we will stay in touch to let you know what’s up.
And if you do not want it to end there, it won’t. You can call us anytime with any questions or comments on your purchase.
email us on [email protected] or talk to us on +91 99300 94746.
we love to chat!