Chopad Boardgame in Rabari Kutch Hand Embroidery


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Chopad is a four legged game as the name suggests - Chou + Pad. Dating back to almost the sixth century, the game is found etched in the walls of Ellora. The Mahabharata has a reference to a game similar to Chopad. It is called the Ludo Grandfathers, along with the Pacheesi, Parcheesi and Ludo. 
The Chopad board game is hand embroidered in Rabari work from Kutch. It carries detailed mirror work and an Ajrakh backing. Dice are shells or Cowries and pawns are beetle nuts crocheted and decorated with a mirror. A pouch with matching hand embroidered patterns holds the game together.
This game is the work of the senior artisans in Kutch. The decades they spend on doing intricate hand embroidery work compromises their eye sight. In order to provide them with income opportunities, Kala Raksha created a range of toys and games, like the Chopad, that do not need precision, but they do need a keen sense of colours and aesthetics.
Products like these keep the older Artisan independent and relevant.
As with anything handmade, the product has some imperfections that make it more charming. The colours might vary owing to screen resolutions.



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30 in x 30 inch open, 8 in x 8 inch pouch









250 gms



Do not wash or dryclean the cloth, shells or pawns | Handle with a smile