Blue Multicolour Indoor GrowPot

Aarohana Upcycled GrowPots

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Aarohana's Blue Multicolour Indoor GrowPot is a waterproof, washable and durable planter or pot for your indoor plants. It is spacious enough to let your plants grow happily and also tiny enough to perch on any table or shelf.
The GrowPot is made from recycled plastic bags and wrappers that are cut into strips and handwoven into a durable fabric. The lining of the pot are flex materials from old signages. Everything used on this pot is upcycled. The GrowPot comes with tiny holes at the base for draining excess water drainage.
Despite it's petite size, the GrowPot eats up 20 plastic bags in one go & the signage flex too. These would otherwise end up in a landfill or in our oceans. As an environmental conservation NGO, Aarohana recycles plastic into useful, thoughtful and durable products.

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7 (height) x 4 (base) x 5 (width)



Blue Multicolour



Upcycled Plastic



100 gms



Gentle handwash with liquid soap